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Join Us in building a healthier community

Adelante Healthcare is a community-based health organization serving patients from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are deeply embedded and rooted in the areas where we live and serve.

We understand the need to care for both our bodies and our minds and believe in care for the whole person. As an organization, we aspire daily to be champions of access to excellent, compassionate care, meeting people when and where they need us to help them thrive.

We are here to guide people on their healthcare journey and serve as a bridge beyond a person’s healthcare needs with access to quality, compassionate, comprehensive care.

How Can You Help?

A cash donation or in-kind donation, to Adelante Healthcare, supports our communities now and in the future by fueling the work of creating a healthy individual, community, and environment. An investment in better health for our most vulnerable patients enables them to work, learn and contribute in a meaningful way to our community.

Adelante is a qualifying charitable organization for the Arizona State Tax Credit.

Making your AZ Charitable Tax Credit donation through Adelante Shares makes it easier than ever to donate.